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Tire and inner tube change (picture tutorial)

We, as cyclists, will all experience the dreaded puncture from time to time so it is important to familiarise yourself with how to change your inner tubes in case of puncture, and your tire if needs be.

Follow our 7 step guide to a relatively drama free tire and inner tube change!

What you will need.

  • A new tire (correct size and type for your bike, the procedure is the same no matter what bike you have)
  • A new inner tube, or repaired old one. (New is preferred)
  • Tire levers. (Top Tip: If you don’t own any levers, tea spoons work just as well, just don’t use your wife’s best cutlery!)


Step 1.

If you’re lucky enough to have any air left in the inner tube, let it all out, grab your tire lever and insert it between the rim of the wheel and the tire. Push down on your tire lever to get the part of the tire your working on over the lip of the rim. (Top tip: Most tire levers have a hook on the end of them, use this to clip onto the nearest spoke to keep the lever in place.)



Step 2. 

Insert another tire lever a couple of inches down the wheel and repeat step 1. You should now have a much larger area of the tire lifted over the rim, this will make it a lot easier to remove from the wheel.



Step 3. 

Use another tire lever or your thumb between the tire and the rim and run around the length of the wheel to fully loosen the tire.


Step 4.

Locate the inner tube valve, and remove from the wheel. (If you’re replacing the tire too, remove the tire and then the inner tube).

Step 5. 

If you’re replacing the tire, place one side of the new  tire onto the rim, leaving a gap so that you can place the inner tube inside. Grab your new inner tube, place valve into the hole in the wheel, and feed into the tire. (Pay special attention and make sure the inner tube is not twisted!) 




Step 6.

Once the inner tube is in, it’s now time to get the tire back on to the rim completely. This part can be quite tricky depending on how stiff the tire is, and also you need to take extra care not to pinch the inner tube as this will more than likely put a hole in it and then you’re back to square one. Grab your tire levers again and now we are going to do a reversal of step 1 and 2. Insert tire lever under the tired and over the rim, and lift up.

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Step 7.

Repeat all he way round until the tire is back on the wheel, pump it up and get back on the road!



There we have it, you should have successfully replaced your inner tube and/or tire!

If you’ve found this tutorial useful why not let us know? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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