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HGV safety.

This is our guide on how to stay safe when confronted with large vehicles such as delivery trucks, HGVs, buses and construction plant machinery, when out on the roads.

First thing to remember is that big vehicles are just that, they are big, very, very big and you on your bicycle in comparison are very, very small and you may not be obviously visible to the driver in their mirrors. Be sure to keep this in mind.

Lorries, trucks and buses will swing out wide to take left, or right turns and they may not always be indicating. If you see a large vehicle adopting a strange road position, stay well back as they may end up turning in on you.

When approaching traffic lights with static traffic, try to avoid over, or undertaking large vehicles even if there is a bike lane ahead of the traffic, as the lights may change and the traffic may start to move and as we said earlier, the driver may not see you. Just by taking a minute or two to wait, could save your life.

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Be visible and always ride defensively not offensively.

Obey traffic laws. (see link for cycling specific traffic laws )

Also, click here to see our post on basic road safety.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there!


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