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Replace that old nasty bar tape. (Drop bar picture tutorial)

Are you tired of looking at your worn, dirty, old bar tape? Follow our 6 easy steps to change it and make it look like new again.


What you will need.

  • New bar tape (Amazon are good for this)
  • Scissors
  • Electrical Tape (Black Ideally, but any will do)
  • Patience!Whatyouneed

Step 1

Fold up the brake hoods and remove the old bar tape, this is where the scissors may come in handy, depending on how stuck on your tape is. Mine came off pretty easy at first then towards the bottom required a bit of snipping.


Step 2. 

Remove sticky strip from new tape and carefully place onto bars and wrap around in a spiral pattern.





Step 3.

This step can be quite tricky. (Wrapping the tape around the bend in the bar) Follow a natural spiral and pull tight to keep the tape from folding on itself. This may take a few goes, but it will work.

Step 4.

Continue spiral pattern on the top of the bar. When I get to the end of the roll, I use a rubber band to keep the tape from unravelling.



Step 5.

Tape it all off!





Step 6

Replace hoods, and end caps. Admire your handy work. Voila!


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