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How to replace/clean your rear cassette.

Sometimes you will want to clean your rear sprocket, degrease it and put it back on, other times you may want to replace them for a better ratio. Either way, you’ll need to know how to get them off.

Follow our 4 step guide for a stress free change!

What you will need.

  • Chainwhip
  • Locking tool
  • Spanner (If your locking tool doesn’t have a built in lever)



Step 1.

Remove wheel and quick release spindle. Place chain whip on one of the cogs (The chainwhip will essentially hold the cassette in place while you undo the nut). Insert locking tool and loosen nut. Remove and keep safe.






Step 2.

Remove all of the cogs, (if cleaning it might be best to make a note of how they came off so that you can easily place them back when cleaned. Note: The cogs have a specific alignment.)



Step 3. 

Clean or grab your new cassette and simply place back onto the wheel (Reverse the way you took them off.)







Step 4.

Replace the nut, and tighten and place back onto the bike. Spin the cassette to make sure everything is working correctly. It should feel solid, not lose.



There you go, you should have successfully replaced your rear cassette.


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