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How to remove your crankset. (Picture Tutorial)

Like the rear cassette, sometimes you may need to remove your crankset, to replace, clean or gain access to your bottom bracket or bearings.

Follow our 3 step guide to see just how easy it is to replace!

What you will need:

  • Crank puller (It is likely you will NOT be able to complete the removal without this!)
  • Allen Key (Normally 8mm)
  • Spanner/Wrench


Step 1. 

Grab an allen key and remove the bolt in the centre of your crankset.


Step 2.

Once the bolt has been removed, you will now need to insert your crank puller. You’ll need to screw in the puller so that it is nice and tight, be careful though as it is very easy to line it up wrong and this could ruin the thread!





Step 3.

Insert allen key into the end of the crank puller and wind, if done correctly you should see, as the puller winds in, the crank start to loosen, wide down all the way, and remove. Repeat on other side, if necessary.




To put back on simple reverse what you did to take it off, the crank may require a mallet to get back on, or just some WD40!

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