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Five signs you’re improving as a cyclist.

(img sourced from http://www.freeimages.com/profile/jimmylemon)

1. When you upload your ride to Strava you have started to see more and more PB’s! 2. You’ve started using the words “fun”, “cycling” and “hill” in the same sentence! 3. A 20km ride is now a piece of cake for you, and you’ve actually started to add kilometers onto your rides! 4. You can lay in longer as ... Read More »

How to remove your chain.


Every so often you are going to want to change your chain, as they wear over time and become less effective. Follow our 3 step guide to easily remove and replace your chain! What you will need. New chain Link removal tool Step 1. Place chain link remover tool onto the chain, and line up with one of the rivets ... Read More »

How to replace/clean your rear cassette.


Sometimes you will want to clean your rear sprocket, degrease it and put it back on, other times you may want to replace them for a better ratio. Either way, you’ll need to know how to get them off. Follow our 4 step guide for a stress free change! What you will need. Chainwhip Locking tool Spanner (If your locking ... Read More »