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The Best Laid Plans of Bikes & Men


The best laid plans of bikes and men often go awry. This week we planned a ride of multiple hill repeats in an attempt to cycle the total altitude of the infamous cycling climb of Alpe D’Huez, a whopping 3,598ft! A process we adapted from the famous “Everesting” challenges, which we are ingeniously calling “Alpe D’heuz-ing”! We headed out to ... Read More »

Boxhill via Banstead


It’s really cool to ride in winter, literally cool, -1°c to be precise.  I think that the hardest part of maintaining a cycling routine in winter isn’t the cold weather, the rain, or the winds at all, it is in fact the motivation to actually get up, and get out there to put in the miles! We had our ride ... Read More »

Five signs you’re improving as a cyclist.

(img sourced from http://www.freeimages.com/profile/jimmylemon)

1. When you upload your ride to Strava you have started to see more and more PB’s! 2. You’ve started using the words “fun”, “cycling” and “hill” in the same sentence! 3. A 20km ride is now a piece of cake for you, and you’ve actually started to add kilometers onto your rides! 4. You can lay in longer as ... Read More »

Read the remarkable story of Robert Marchand, the 102 year old cyclist!

Img sourced from (http://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/article9101234.ece/alternates/w620/French-cyclist.jpg)

We stumbled across this remarkable story recently, and thought we’d share it with you! Most people Robert’s age are used to meals on wheel, not breaking records on them, but that’s exactly what this 102 year old cyclist has done. Two years ago, French retired fire fighter Robert Marchand set a record in the over 100s category, by riding over 15 ... Read More »

Yorkshire “cyclists are traffic menaces” councillor banned from driving!


Today it emerged that anti cycling Yorkshire Councillor John Andrew Quinn, who accused cyclists of being “traffic menaces” in the weeks before Le Grand Depart has been banned from driving after being found to have almost twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system! Quinn claimed that cyclists were “a law unto themselves” who “rode through his village at ... Read More »

Tour De France, Etape 3, Londres (In Pictures and Video)


So, we took the 13mile trip from RCB HQ to London to watch the end of Stage 3 of the Tour De France. Here’s some pictures and videos of what we saw! Below is a video of the race flying past me, near parliament. (Apologies for the quality and distance, unfortunately I was too late getting to London to get ... Read More »

Pearl Izumi Tour Series, Stage 8. (In Pictures)


We at RCB took a trip to London’s Canary Wharf for the Pearl Izumi Tour Series, Stage 8 race. The race took part on a closed circuit surrounded by the towering building’s of some of London’s financial giants. Here are our pictures of the event. Enjoy. If you have any pictures you’d like to share, post them to our Facebook page or ... Read More »

Cyclists paid to ride to work!


Cyclists in France are being paid to cycle to work in hopes it will lure people away from jumping in the car. Riders are said to be paid 25 cents per km ridden. A cyclist could  earn up to €50 a month if they cycle a minuscule  journey of 10 kilometres in a day! So far 19 companies, making up ... Read More »

How to remove your crankset. (Picture Tutorial)


Like the rear cassette, sometimes you may need to remove your crankset, to replace, clean or gain access to your bottom bracket or bearings. Follow our 3 step guide to see just how easy it is to replace! What you will need: Crank puller (It is likely you will NOT be able to complete the removal without this!) Allen Key (Normally 8mm) ... Read More »

How to remove your chain.


Every so often you are going to want to change your chain, as they wear over time and become less effective. Follow our 3 step guide to easily remove and replace your chain! What you will need. New chain Link removal tool Step 1. Place chain link remover tool onto the chain, and line up with one of the rivets ... Read More »