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Strava Announce “Local” – Top Rides in Worlds Biggest Cities

Strava Announce “Local” – Top Rides in Worlds Biggest Cities

Today the guys over at Strava announced a new section of the site called “Local”, a collection of popular routes for cyclists and runners alike. Obviously, we’re only focussing on the cycling aspect of this at RCB. So let’s delve in a see what this will mean for us all going forwards.

As it stands there are 12 global cities involved including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Denver, Melbourne.


Strava have a catchy three pronged strapline for this section – “Classic Routes, Top Stops, Wherever You Go”. What this equates to for us in the UK is, they’re covering 10 of the best rides which are between 50 and 120 miles long that begin within the boundaries of the M25 (so far) – though the guys at Strava say they’re looking to add other UK destinations in soon:

The focus of Strava Local will always be about quality over quantity – our goal is to uncover only the very best running and cycling adventures in the world. Whilst initially there are twelve Strava Local cities, over time we will roll out the service in more cities to pay homage to our global community.

As well as just showing the routes (which at the time of writing aren’t downloadable to put onto a GPS unit and only come in a turn by turn instruction format over multiple sheets of A4 paper..) they also highlight “Top Stops” which includes both photo opportunities and coffee shops – great idea.

The section is both mobile and desktop friendly and I can only assume an iOS/Android app update will shortly follow to allow for seamless interplay and loading of maps!

Over the course of this year, RCB will be tackling the 10 Strava Local London rides 1 by 1, watch this space for a link to the series.

For now, check out the London section yourselves and see if part of or all of your favourite route made it!


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