Alpe D’Heuz-ing

Alpe D’Heuz-ing

I recently saw this on Strava, it has been dubbed as ‘Everesting’. People are attempting to ride the total footage of Everest by repeatedly riding up and down the same hill.


This gave me an idea. Seeing as though we are riding up Alpe D’heuz at the end of the year, I thought I’d have a go at riding the total footage of that climb, using the infamous Box Hill, Zig Zag road route. I rode the 414ft hill 8 times all in all to get a combined footage of 3300+. I know it’s not as impressive as Everesting, but it is tough, and also a great way of training for Hill Climbs. Check out my Strava activity to see it in  more detail!

Check back soon for more updates from our “Calais to Monaco 2014″ training. Keep up to date using #Ca2Moco14 on Twitter.

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