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A Cyclist’s Diet

CYCLING requires a heck of a lot of energy, this means our engines require a lot of fuelling. The best way of getting a good amount of energy into your system is to eat Complex Carbohydrates, such as Brown Rice, Brown Pasta, Brown Bread, and Whole Grains. These food groups are normally unprocessed and release energy slowly throughout your workout, unlike Simple Carbs (Energy Drinks, Chocolate bars, Sweets etc) which release a quick burst of energy and do not last very long, although ideal just before the start of a short sharp incline, not ideal for a long slog of 30+ miles.

Cycling, at a relatively quick, consistent speed will burn between 400 – 800 Kcals per hour, (depending on your weight), this is a lot of calories, so there’s no reason why a high calorie breakfast/lunch can’t be eaten!

*FUN FACT* A professional cyclist riding in the Tour De France, or any other major race, will consumer between 7000 – 9000 KCals a day!


Different cyclists have different diets, and one thing may work for me and not for you. I found my “diet comfort zone” after trying a lot of different combinations, (carbs, no carbs, sometimes carbs, all the time carbs etc.), I have found what works for me and hopefully you will too!

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