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Alpe D’Heuz-ing


I recently saw this on Strava, it has been dubbed as ‘Everesting’. People are attempting to ride the total footage of Everest by repeatedly riding up and down the same hill. This gave me an idea. Seeing as though we are riding up Alpe D’heuz at the end of the year, I thought I’d have a go at riding the ... Read More »

Carb Loading


‘Carb loading’ is a process used by endurance athletes, normally  two days before their race or event.  These days involve eating a shed load of carbs, maybe as much as 3000-3500 Kcals of Carbohydrate per day (Pasta, Rice, etc). It is paramount that you REST during these two days, or at the very least keep vigorous exercise to a minimum, ... Read More »

A Cyclist’s Diet


CYCLING requires a heck of a lot of energy, this means our engines require a lot of fuelling. The best way of getting a good amount of energy into your system is to eat Complex Carbohydrates, such as Brown Rice, Brown Pasta, Brown Bread, and Whole Grains. These food groups are normally unprocessed and release energy slowly throughout your workout, ... Read More »