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Boxhill via Banstead

It’s really cool to ride in winter, literally cool, -1°c to be precise. 

I think that the hardest part of maintaining a cycling routine in winter isn’t the cold weather, the rain, or the winds at all, it is in fact the motivation to actually get up, and get out there to put in the miles!


We had our ride to the legendary cycling Mecca of Box Hill planned from last weekend, and as the week went on and the weather grew gradually colder, the frost began to show in the mornings, it was getting harder and harder to stay positive about a early morning 30 mile cycle!

Saturday morning reared it’s head, I sprung to life like a coiled shoe-lace and reluctantly started to put on layer upon layer of Lycra, made an Espresso, had some breakfast, donned my winter gloves, overshoes and snood, unlocked my bike and headed out of my building and instantly regretted it! It was -1°c out and the roads were frosty. We kept telling ourselves “we’ll warm up when we get moving, honestly, we’ll warm up when we get moving…” this wasn’t the case, but nonetheless we were out now, and we were determined to make the most of it.


We climbed our way out of Coulsdon, Surrey, up into Banstead, then an undulating descent into Walton-On-The-Hill, where we were greeted by a lovely view of the frozen pond (as if we needed reminding that it was freezing out!). Next we embarked on a 3 mile descent flanking Box Hill, this brings us out at the bottom of the infamous “Zig Zag Road” climb, a relatively gruelling 1.6 mile climb to the summit, but your burning legs are quickly rewarded, when you emerge triumphantly at the top, by some pretty outstanding views of the Surrey countryside but perhaps more importantly there’s a decent Cafe up there, for a warming coffee and well deserved flap-jack!




As you can see from the pictures, the views are pretty great, and made the early, cold start well worth it! The next time I ride in similar weather i’ll remember these views and that shall be my motivation for getting in the saddle to rack up some more miles!

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