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2016 Cycling Goals


So, here’s to a new year of cycling! We realised that we didn’t get out and about as much as we should have in 2015, so we’re making the most of 2016 and setting a few goals to help us get the bikes rolling.

Below is a summary of how 2015 went for the two of us and our projected goals for 2016! We’ll be summarising how we got on versus these goals at the end of the year as well as checking them off as we go via our weekly blog updates.

2015 actuals
Big Mac rode 1001mi and climbed a total of 39,850 ft
Ealesy rode 702mi and climbed a total of 36,260 ft

2016 goals
Distance: We are aiming for a fitting >2016miles
Furthest ride: We will attempt to beat our longest ride of 116miles
Total elevation climbed: and attempt a whopping 58,060ft of climbing (Which is 2x Everest! *GULP*)
PBs: We chose some of our favourite local Strava segments to try and beat throughout the year. these are:

Segment Previous: Big Mac Previous: Ealesy
Box Hill Climb 9:53 10:55
Box Hill Loop 36:57 38:22
Beddlestead 10:14   11:24  
Richmond Park Anticlock Loop 22:08 30:48
Woldingham Descent 1:26 1:27
How Lane 6:39 8:33
Ditchling Beacon 10:03 16:43

So, please do come back to keep updated with our progress, and read about the things we will do and see whilst achieving them!

Big Mac & Ealesy, RCB Admin.

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