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Cycling enthusiast. Ginger bearded cyclist from London.

The Best Laid Plans of Bikes & Men


The best laid plans of bikes and men often go awry. This week we planned a ride of multiple hill repeats in an attempt to cycle the total altitude of the infamous cycling climb of Alpe D’Huez, a whopping 3,598ft! A process we adapted from the famous “Everesting” challenges, which we are ingeniously calling “Alpe D’heuz-ing”! We headed out to ... Read More »

Boxhill via Banstead


It’s really cool to ride in winter, literally cool, -1°c to be precise.  I think that the hardest part of maintaining a cycling routine in winter isn’t the cold weather, the rain, or the winds at all, it is in fact the motivation to actually get up, and get out there to put in the miles! We had our ride ... Read More »

2016 Cycling Goals


So, here’s to a new year of cycling! We realised that we didn’t get out and about as much as we should have in 2015, so we’re making the most of 2016 and setting a few goals to help us get the bikes rolling. Below is a summary of how 2015 went for the two of us and our projected ... Read More »

HGV safety.

2015-07-23 15.44.00_wm

This is our guide on how to stay safe when confronted with large vehicles such as delivery trucks, HGVs, buses and construction plant machinery, when out on the roads. First thing to remember is that big vehicles are just that, they are big, very, very big and you on your bicycle in comparison are very, very small and you may ... Read More »

Topeak® Headlux red/white bicycle light – Reviewed

The Topeak Headlux

We recently received this quirky little helmet light by Topeak®. First impressions were good as it’s design is very sleek and relatively compact. The fact that the one unit contains both a white and red light is great as this saves the need to buy two individual lights, as is the norm when attaching lights to the front and rear ... Read More »

Tom Tom Multi-Sports Cardio GPS watch – Reviewed


We recently received the brand new TomTom Multi Sport Cardio GPS Watch w Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence/Speed/Altimeter Sensor. This watch is really nice to look at easy to set up, simply plug into a computer, download the TomTom MySportsConnect app and follow the instructions! However, priced at £224 (Wiggle, 2014) the price may seem abit steep for some. Although ... Read More »

Box Hill Descent

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 20.20.12

Watch as Big Mac descends Surrey’s infamous Box Hill (Zig Zag Road). Please use this video as a guide before hitting the descent for the first time, as some of the corners, especially the second one, can be quite tricky (Note the debris pointed out). Also please, please, please remember that Box Hill is a public highway and is open ... Read More »

Five signs you’re improving as a cyclist.

(img sourced from http://www.freeimages.com/profile/jimmylemon)

1. When you upload your ride to Strava you have started to see more and more PB’s! 2. You’ve started using the words “fun”, “cycling” and “hill” in the same sentence! 3. A 20km ride is now a piece of cake for you, and you’ve actually started to add kilometers onto your rides! 4. You can lay in longer as ... Read More »

Read the remarkable story of Robert Marchand, the 102 year old cyclist!

Img sourced from (http://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/article9101234.ece/alternates/w620/French-cyclist.jpg)

We stumbled across this remarkable story recently, and thought we’d share it with you! Most people Robert’s age are used to meals on wheel, not breaking records on them, but that’s exactly what this 102 year old cyclist has done. Two years ago, French retired fire fighter Robert Marchand set a record in the over 100s category, by riding over 15 ... Read More »

Yorkshire “cyclists are traffic menaces” councillor banned from driving!


Today it emerged that anti cycling Yorkshire Councillor John Andrew Quinn, who accused cyclists of being “traffic menaces” in the weeks before Le Grand Depart has been banned from driving after being found to have almost twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system! Quinn claimed that cyclists were “a law unto themselves” who “rode through his village at ... Read More »