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The Best Laid Plans of Bikes & Men


The best laid plans of bikes and men often go awry. This week we planned a ride of multiple hill repeats in an attempt to cycle the total altitude of the infamous cycling climb of Alpe D’Huez, a whopping 3,598ft! A process we adapted from the famous “Everesting” challenges, which we are ingeniously calling “Alpe D’heuz-ing”! We headed out to ... Read More »

Biggin Hill & A Richmond Park Jaunt

Tina and Andre

In the second post to our weekly blog, we’re summarising a couple of rides. The first of which saw Big Mac make the most of his shifts to take in the sights of Richmond Park on a chilly Monday morning. Then on Saturday, we both headed out to Surrey Hills to see the home of Charles Darwin in Downe. Richmond ... Read More »

Boxhill via Banstead


It’s really cool to ride in winter, literally cool, -1°c to be precise.  I think that the hardest part of maintaining a cycling routine in winter isn’t the cold weather, the rain, or the winds at all, it is in fact the motivation to actually get up, and get out there to put in the miles! We had our ride ... Read More »

2016 Cycling Goals


So, here’s to a new year of cycling! We realised that we didn’t get out and about as much as we should have in 2015, so we’re making the most of 2016 and setting a few goals to help us get the bikes rolling. Below is a summary of how 2015 went for the two of us and our projected ... Read More »

HGV safety.

2015-07-23 15.44.00_wm

This is our guide on how to stay safe when confronted with large vehicles such as delivery trucks, HGVs, buses and construction plant machinery, when out on the roads. First thing to remember is that big vehicles are just that, they are big, very, very big and you on your bicycle in comparison are very, very small and you may ... Read More »